Basic Korean Chapter 2

Pairing: Siwon/ HeeChul
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Language.
Summary: Siwon is totally crazy with HeeChul, though HeeChul doesn’t care, but Siwon’s best friend HanGeng, secretly has a crush on him.

Chapter 2:

When I spun him around he looked at me like he was just about to spit in my face. I looked at his lips, and I wanted to taste them so badly. I made my own lips a bit wet with my tongue and I couldn’t take my eyes of his deliciously looking lips, before he tried to get out of my grip.

“What the fuck are you doing?” HeeChul scolded me. It got me out of my thoughts, and brought my eyes up to his level.

“I… I just wanted to explain that nothing happened.” I quickly excused myself, and he just hissed at me, before he pulled his arm out of my firm grip, and left. I was standing there, with nothing, nothing to do, or say. I felt like my heart exploded.

HanGeng appeared behind me, and put a hand on my shoulder, just to be my comfort. Why couldn’t I see it? It was so obvious, but not at that time, I had only my eyes upon HeeChul.

“Why don’t you forget him? He give you nothing good, he’s a wast of time…” HanGeng’s soft voice told me.

“Geng… It’s giveS and wastE… It’s basic Korean…” I spun around and he held me in his arms, smiling. Knowing that I felt better, because else I wouldn’t correct him. Most people would think it would be annoying if someone corrected them always, but HanGeng – I knew – was just happy to learn. I was happy to know that he was here with me.

HanGeng’s Point of View:

Siwon ran after HeeChul, and I made a sigh. I wish he could just love me, instead of my friend, perhaps it was a bit harsh to say, but this was how I felt. HeeChul could be sweet, and such, but right now I couldn’t understand why he was so pissed? Did I do something wrong? I should better go talk to him, solve the problems that obviously had occurred.

I saw HeeChul disappear again from Siwon, who just stood there, looking lost. He should just know how much I adored him. He was so handsome, and strong and I was just about to drop to my knees with these thoughts, but instead I walked to him, make him rest in my arms.

I smiled, only because I thought about Siwon, and his lovely personality. He was there for everyone, and tried to be the better person for those he loved, but sometimes people just love the wrong person, and in my head, Siwon loved the total opposite person of who I wanted him to love.

I wanted to love him, to hold him, and kiss him. I wished that I could show him, or tell him, but I couldn’t while he was so in love with HeeChul, then I wouldn’t get anything out of it. He would be too blind to see, my true love for him.

Suddenly Siwon pulled out from my embrace, and smiled to me.

“I’m okay again…” Siwon told me, and we both smiled.

“Good.” I said and he walked a few steps away.

“I’ll go talk HeeChul.” I said and smiled.

“It’s talk TO.” Siwon laughed and I couldn’t hide my smile from it.

“Thanks.” Siwon said and I nodded, before I left in HeeChul’s direction. I shared room with him, so I guess it wouldn’t be hard to get to him, because he couldn’t kick me out of my own room…

“Chullie?” I asked when I entered, and suddenly arms slung around me, to my biggest surprise.

“I’m here…” HeeChul told me, and I raised an eyebrow… I actually had noticed that…

“I can feel that…” I said, a slightly bit annoyed. HeeChul smiled in his embrace of me. I don’t know how, but he did, like I was some kind of teddy bear.

“Don’t leave me… Especially not for Siwon… I know you’re good friends, but I’m still your best friend… Right?” HeeChul asked pretty sweet. I wanted to say my opinion, but I didn’t want to really.

“I do like Siwon, as really good friend. You are good friend too.” I told him, in my half bad Korean. I knew he would correct me now, but I was mistaken.

“Thanks HanGeng… You are a good friend too.” He smiled to me. I let go of him, even though I could see he didn’t wanted to be let go off.

“You will always be mine… Right?” HeeChul asked me, and I couldn’t really believe my own ears. Did he think of me like something he owned? I took a step back.

“Chullie… I’m nothing you own… Please don’t think I’m yours.” I told him, and he looked more than miserable. I couldn’t stand it, so I pulled him close.

“Sorry, but I’m not an object. I really care for you, but don’t think anything else.” I said and I made the deepest mistake in the world, I kissed him slowly and friendly on the hair. That he obviously took as an invitation to let his head go up, and let his lips be placed on mine. I felt a hammering in my chest – This was wrong…

HeeChul’s point of view:

I felt so lovely here in his arms, for a few minutes I actually thought he would never look at me again, and then he just pulled me into a loving hug. I did love him. I swear. Even though it’s hard to understand with me being so adorable and perfect myself… Okay a bit narcissistic you have permission to be. I guess…

When he kissed my hair, and lowered his head, I didn’t even think. I looked one time at his perfect lips, and I moved to kiss them. I felt a sensation in my heart. This was perfect, just until….

HanGeng pulled back, rather quickly, leaving me standing there feeling stupid. I hated feeling stupid…

“I… I’m sorry…” He said and I just looked confused, before I realized anything, he was out the door…

“No… No!” I almost yelled, and wanted to go after him. That was first then I realized that tears was running down my cheeks. What the fuck could I do in such a embarrassing state?

Siwon’s point of view:

I saw HanGeng leave HeeChul and his own room, before he moved towards me, I smiled at him, but he just walked right beside me, and away. He was touching his lips, and looking weird. I could hear the key locking the door into the bathroom.

I went to the bathroom and knocked on the door. Not reacting too fast, I knocked again, and the door opened with HanGeng standing there, looking at me. I could see that he was troubled in his mind, so I took his hand, and walked to my room, where we sat down on the bed.

“Are you okay?” I asked him, and I softly put an arm around his shoulders, to be a bit protecting.

“I’m okay.” He answered, looking at me, and a slight smile formed on his lips.

“Good…” I just said, and we both lay down on the bed, looking at each other. I sighed, and he smiled. Slowly we both fell to sleep, and with his arm on my chest.

We had just forgotten one tiny thing… To lock the door, or yeah… Even just close it.

HeeChul standing there in the doorway, looking like a tomato in his head, and on his way to scream.

Basic Korean Chapter 1

Pairing: Siwon/ HeeChul

Rating: PG-13

Warning(s): Language.

Summary: Siwon is totally crazy with HeeChul, though HeeChul doesn’t care, but Siwon’s best friend HanGeng, secretly has a crush on him.

Chapter 1:

I looked at him, knowing how much this love was real. Even though he didn’t know, I knew. There was this connection, this feeling of rightness. We belonged together, more than anyone else belonged to each other. I believed that this was real, but the wrong thing was… He didn’t think the same as me. I could look at him for hours, but I didn’t dare say anything to him. Instead I just looked, took notice, and loved. I was sure that this was real, this love I felt, but how right it was, I guess I would never know. When we did shows, I could feel how alive he became, I could feel how bright he felt. As I just said, there was this connection.

“Hey! You!” He suddenly yelled at me, making me blush. Even when everyone thought he was an idiot, I didn’t feel like that. He was perfect all the way through. I obviously got lost in my thoughts of him again, because suddenly he stood and looked at me very closely, making my knees shake a bit. He snapped his fingers in front of my eyes.

“Siwon? Wake up!” The first was said so softly, but then harsh to get me out of my trance. I whispered something, luckily that he didn’t hear it, because it was actually about how perfect he was. I told you that I really loved him. No one would stand a person so perfect as him, and he thought the same about himself. That he was perfect you know…

“SIWON!!” He yelled into my face. I think I got lost again. It’s just because he is so wonderful.

“Ye?” I asked with a blush, and smiled a miniature smile, just the thought of him talking to me. Woops, I got lost again. F*** I didn’t hear what he said! Did I just curse? Oh no…

“Siwon? Siwon?” HeeChul snapped his fingers at me again, and I couldn’t stop thinking of him.

“Why are you ALWAYS like that?” He asked with a heavy sigh, and then he walked away again. I was just about to grab his hand, but I was afraid what that would lead to. A fight? Or a kiss? Aww…. A Kiss, with him... I disappeared into thoughts again, and I couldn’t help but think about how his lips would feel on mine. Soft and sweet tasting. I was almost drooling when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I snapped quickly out of the thoughts, and turned around to see a smiling HanGeng.

“What?” I asked him, and he kept smiling. He annoyed me sometimes, even though he was a very good friend. He helped me through a lot, I must say.

“I thought if we wanted rice?” HanGeng asked in his half good Korean. I nodded and smiled to him, he was always so thoughtful. And I appreciated that. Now I wasn’t so annoyed at him anymore.

We both went to the kitchen, where he made those perfect rice he could make. I had always wanted to tell someone about my feelings for HeeChul, but I didn’t think that HanGeng was the best to tell, either way, he was HeeChul’s best friend, and the other way he would probably not even understand what  I was telling him.

“You know… You look rather far way…” HanGeng said with a little smile, and tried to understand me.

“Geng… It’s Away… A… But yes, I guess I am a bit away…” I told him, and we both smiled. I could see the little glisten in his eyes, and it always made me happy. It helped me get better.

“Why?” HanGeng asked and smiled politely to me. I shrugged my shoulders and I guess that he thought that it was enough for an answer.

Something soft touched my hand, and I quickly looked down on it, noticing that it was HanGeng’s hand touching mine. I hadn’t really noticed how soft his hands actually were, but I had thought about how soft HeeChul’s hand would be. I started disappearing again, before he pulled his hand away, and leaving mine to start getting cold after the soft and warm touch.

“Should we get to our schedules?” HanGeng asked, almost sighing. Why was he suddenly like this – I wondered.

“Ye…” I answered and got up. Before he could leave the kitchen, I quickly pulled him to me, and gave him a hug, patting his back, and letting go again. A new smile showed on his face, and I smiled back at him.

We got to the cars and I got HanGeng on my one side and KangIn at the other, both good friends of mine. I was happy to sit here, between two good friends, and enjoying the conversation. HeeChul was unfortunately not in “my” car, he had already left for some kind of Drama he was shooting.

The day went by, like all the others, though when we got home, and I hadn’t seen HeeChul almost all day, I started freaking out a bit, because it felt like I needed him, just a bit.

When HeeChul finally arrived home, I was just about to run to him and hug him, but I resisted, because I knew he shouldn’t know. Instead I went to him and took off his coat, which pleased him a lot, which made me happy.

“How was your day?” I asked, and smiled sweetly to him, he didn’t smile back.

“Awful…” He just said, and started walking into the living room, where I followed him.

“Why?” I quickly asked and smiled once more to him. He just looked tiredly at me.

“You really want to know?” He asked, and smirked a bit.

“Ye!” I said quickly, almost too quickly and hopeful.

“I won’t tell you.” HeeChul said and made an evil laugh, it was quite scary.

“Oh…” I just sighed, and then I went into my room, with HanGeng following me.

“Are you okay??” He quickly asked me, because he could look at me and tell when I felt down, which was the exact thing I felt now.

“I guess…” I just said and he put his one arm around me.

“Don’t let Chullie get to you… You’re so must more worth than he makes you…” HanGeng said and smiled. I couldn’t help but laugh a little. I knew that HeeChul saw HanGeng as his best friend, even though I thought that HanGeng was my best friend. It’s a bit confusing I know…

“So I’m much more precious than he makes me?” I smiled, because I knew that he meant something like that.

“You’re very precious!” HanGeng quickly said and smiled to me. It was like his hand that moved around on my back, started being extra gentle and in a way given me a warmer touch. It was really nice, but at the same time it felt wrong.

“Thanks Geng.” I smiled and pulled me gently out of his grip, before I went to the door, him going after me. Sometimes he was a bit like a little puppy, but I really liked him being like that.

“Always…” He said, with a little tiny, small sigh. I didn’t know that he loved holding me in his arms. Actually I didn’t know anything about his love for me.

HeeChul came around the corner when we came out of the room. I think I just touched my hair like it had been messy.

“What the hell have you two been doing?” HeeChul almost yelled at us. I didn’t remember the last time I heard him so upset. And why was he like that? I shook my head in confussion, I couldn’t even think well about him in this minute. Okay, I could always think well about him, but right now it was just really hard.

“Nothing…” HanGeng said with an almost cold voice. HeeChul looked furious at, what? ME?!

I was just about to touch HeeChul’s shoulder, when he turned around and almost ran away.I felt sorrow all the way through my skin, my blood icing and right into my heart. It was pain, and I wanted to run after him, before I knew anything, I was just in his heels, spinning him around when I was close enough to catch him. 

In the School Yard Chapter 50 The End

Title: In the School Yard
Pairing: Yesung / EunHyuk. DongHae / SungMin. Siwon / HeeChul. Past!HanGeng / HeeChul. KangIn / LeeTeuk. Past!HanGeng / KyuHyun. Broken!Kibum / RyeoWook. Jung Woo (Trax) / Yesung. Henry / RyeoWook. Jung Woo / Yesung / EunHyuk.
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Sadness, and an end.

Summary: There are two groups in the school. The Beauty group and then the famous Boys group. They live in a hate to each other, and tries their best to make the life hard for the others. But does this hate continue forever?

Chapter 50:

A year went by. The boys had become famous, and people loved them – or hated them. They did very well, and they had already made a whole film as actors. A few of them had some starring in some series, and they all was in some of the series, where they sang, or danced, or did something else. They did a lot of funny things, but there were also bad things.

Suddenly one day, KyuHyun woke up with a feeling that something was terribly wrong. He stormed out of his room, only in his underwear, which he never, ever, did.

“Geng?!” He yelled and looked worried, because there was no answer. He was the only one whom had talked to HanGeng about leaving, and he feared… Feared that now was the time. If he had left without telling, he would never take him back. He would never look at him again, if he came back. Though, he loved him, and wanted to be with him forever, but if he just left, he never wanted to put eyes on him again.

“HanGeng?” KyuHyun yelled again. Siwon came out of his room.

“What are you yelling for?” Siwon asked a bit tired, and DongHae came out just when Siwon had said that, what he wanted to say.

“Where’s HanGeng?” KyuHyun asked confused, and tried to go into HanGeng’s room, though Siwon stopped him.

“I’m sure there’s nothing wrong… Do you know what time this is?” Siwon asked, and looked at him with a worried look.

“I have this feeling… Can I please see if he’s there?” KyuHyun asked with a small voice.

“Well, it’s okay if he’s just asleep? Don’t you think?” Siwon asked him and held his arm in a firm grip.

“I want to see him!” KyuHyun said a bit angry, and started his death glance.

“Okay okay! But stop yelling…” Siwon quickly said to the younger. KyuHyun quickly, but soundless, opened the door to HanGeng and HeeChul’s room.

“Geng?” KyuHyun asked silently, but no answer. He walked deeper into the room, and turned on the light to HeeChul’s annoyingness.

“Shut the fucking lights off HanGeng!” HeeChul yelled with the duvet over his head so his eyes could get used to the lights. When he looked, he could see, that there was no HanGeng, but a KyuHyun.

Both of them were choked when they saw that HanGeng’s stuff was gone, he was gone, everything that had existed of HanGeng, was gone. KyuHyun fell on the ground on his knees.

“ARGH!!!” KyuHyun yelled, and suddenly everyone was up, about half past 3 o’clock in the morning.

He didn’t shed a single tear. Not even one. He knew this would come, and now the day was there. HeeChul and HanGeng had become really close in the past year and everything from before that had happened, all the anger was gone.


It was now banned to talk about HanGeng in the dorms, only when they were on TV or in Shows, it was allowed, but only in small amounts, and the SME had made a statement, that HanGeng wouldn’t be back, and that he had made a lawsuit against them. Actually no one knew why, except for KyuHyun that he of course had told everything, before he had left so much later. So it must have been too much for him to bear with all the hate and everything he was put through.

The following concert that was held for the fans, a few of the boys even cried. HeeChul could barely sing, because of tears. KyuHyun wasn’t moved at all, he just sang as usually not even a shiver in the voice when they sang their “Shining Star”. Inside he felt terrible, but he couldn’t show that to the world. Because if HanGeng saw the concert in some way, he shouldn’t see him broken down. He should see a strong man, and not a weak boy.


One day, suddenly, everyone had a day off. They almost cheered when they found out, because now they had a day with their boyfriends. They all felt bad for KyuHyun, and ShinDong. They all spend their day with their boyfriend.

HeeChul and Siwon went out in the park and took a turn there. They had a really good talk, and a good time together.

Everyone missed HanGeng, but as it was no one was really allowed to speak of him. They all wished him back, except KyuHyun. He never wanted to see him again.

KyuHyun sat by the television, watching and playing a game at the same time. On his small game-machine. ShinDong was out in the kitchen, making snacks, and then moving into the living room to sit with KyuHyun, even though they didn’t speak a word to each other.

LeeTeuk and KangIn were out to sell the apartment, and they got it sold. When they got back, they had some time alone in LeeTeuk’s bedroom.

SungMin and DongHae visited DongHae’s mother, who had been a bit lonely since DongHae moved into the dorms.

EunHyuk and Yesung visited Jung Woo, and also the others from the school. They got him away from the school, so they could have a good time with him.

Henry and RyeoWook took a small walk to a café, and had some coffee. It was nice though, for them to be alone.


Now they were famous, they were known all over the world. They grew up to be those the fans know today. KangIn left for the army. Which was sad for all of them, because they all didn’t want him to leave.

The Trax and DBSK also became very known after they left school. Unfortunately DBSK broke, so there was only two left, and the other three formed their own group. Trax also went apart, but there was new persons there replaced those who left.

Super Junior kept on going. HeeChul was the next in line to go the military walk. After him LeeTeuk went in, just when KangIn came back.

No one had seen anything to HanGeng, not anything else than he was a big star in China now. KyuHyun still couldn’t take the sight of him. Though, he still loved him too much.

Super Junior was still strong. Until the very last, when SME didn’t want them to be stars anymore. They moved out of the dorms, and went back to their old lives, just so much older. Very much older.

This was only the beginning, but also the end, of Super Junior.

In the School Yard Chapter 49

Title: In the School Yard
Pairing: Yesung / EunHyuk. DongHae / SungMin. Siwon / HeeChul. Past!HanGeng / HeeChul. KangIn / LeeTeuk. HanGeng / KyuHyun. Broken!Kibum / RyeoWook. Jung Woo (Trax) / Yesung. Henry / RyeoWook. Jung Woo / Yesung / EunHyuk.
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): A bit sadness.

Summary: There are two groups in the school. The Beauty group and then the famous Boys group. They live in a hate to each other, and tries their best to make the life hard for the others. But does this hate continue forever?

Chapter 49:

The day finally came, when they all had to move in to the dorms. They had all been prepared to go with their boyfriends, but when they got there, their names were on the doors, and they had been mixed. All of them had been standing with their mouths open for the flies to fly in. They had seen the first door with HeeChul and HanGeng’s name, and then they all were about to die.

“That’s not cool!” RyeoWook quickly said and sat down on the floor, with his back towards the wall. Henry sat down beside him, though he smiled. The others were all around to find their names and they could hear a lot of sighs and see disbelieved faces.

“Well, we can figure it out!” LeeTeuk’s hopeful voice were heard from one place.

“Sure we can!” Siwon said with him, and they smiled towards the others. Everyone gathered in the large living room. Everyone had been around, putting their stuff into their room, and now they were all in the living room.

“This is going to be good. I’m sure we can figure it out. Anyway, we are not going to be that much home!” HanGeng assured them. Normally he was the silent type, but he actually thought that this would be good. He didn’t know HeeChul that well, except that he could be an idiot, but also sweet. So he wanted to get to know him better, perhaps just a bit.

HeeChul clung to Siwon and Siwon just held him in his arms. LeeTeuk smiled at them, and took KangIn’s hand, before he let go again, and sat down in one of the chairs.

“This is not so bad. Not bad at all.” LeeTeuk said smiling, and everyone else started sitting down.

“Well, of course it’s not bad. It’s a miracle that we have gone so far!” Yesung said and overdid a smile.

“If it had not been for you, we would have never been here.” DongHae said and laughed. Yesung blushed, and gave EunHyuk a hug.

“Well, I guess you’re right.” Yesung stated silently.

“I know I’m right…” DongHae teased, and smiled by his saying. Yesung stuck his tongue out at him, and everyone laughed.


They started to get better in the dorms, as the days went by. Some had small fights, but others were more calm and suited.

Though, one day they were called from their new manager, telling them to get ready for a journalist who wanted to speak with them. So they did, and they left for the journalist, which ended up being one of those shows, where popular and famous people were.

In the show, they presented themselves and told South Korea, whom they were, and what they were good at. A nervous EunHyuk had to show his dancing skills, and RyeoWook showed proudly his wonderful voice.

People in the show, and out in front of the television, was amazed. They were suddenly the biggest boy band in the world, and not long after the show, they were getting famous in South Korea.


Quickly everything went so fast, that the boys couldn’t really follow what there was happening. Suddenly they were doing songs in a studio, making music videos, and all of a sudden, they were standing on stage with their first debut song.

Every night when they came home from work, they were tired, and went straight to bed. The loves they had were not much seen anymore. Never cuddling or kissing, they just tried to get the world going and their lives flowing.

They never had any spare time, and if they had, they slept. A few times HeeChul slept next to Siwon, but that was almost never.

The fantastic chance they had, quickly turned into a nightmare.


LeeTeuk woke up one morning, calling the others up, as usually. They should go out for another magazine clothing shooting, for some commercials. It was very hard always to get up, look good, and do the work perfectly, but they always did. They were Perfect.

“Yah! Give me a chance to dress!” SungMin yelled when LeeTeuk came in for the fourth time to get him up.

“I’ve called freaking three times! Get up lazy!” LeeTeuk yelled, and they could both hear HeeChul laugh on the other site of the wall.

Siwon just reached to touch HeeChul’s hand and gave him a loving smile, with eyes glistening and then they walked away from each other. HeeChul sighed when they separated, there had been such a long time since they had just been them.

They all had their breakfast, and then they were out the door again. Another day was just started, and when it became evening again, they came home and slept.

That is how their days went by, and they became more and more famous. That was when the rest of the world came to know about them. They started to get haters, because not everyone liked the group. Henry and HanGeng started to get even more hated, because they weren’t Korean. It was racism and it torn them apart, that they were hated that much. The other members of the group tried to make it good for them, but it was really hard.


“KyuHyun… I love you… You know that right?” HanGeng asked his love with a weird almost crying voice. KyuHyun looked up at him from his little game in his hands.

“I know. And I Love you. Why?” KyuHyun asked him worried. He turned off the game, even if he died and had to start all over again. HanGeng was after all the most important person.

“I have thought about something… But I don’t know how to put it.” HanGeng said silently. KyuHyun didn’t know, or couldn’t figure out if this was good or bad.

“What… What is it?” KyuHyun asked, once again very worried. There had been a long time from when they started, but HanGeng wanted to keep it, even though he was hated.

“I have thought about… Leaving.” HanGeng said teary, and KyuHyun shook his head in confusion.

“No! No! You can’t! Please don’t!” KyuHyun said and tried to hold on to HanGeng’s arm.

“I don’t want to, but it’s really hard you know…” HanGeng said silently and didn’t look into KyuHyun’s afraid, scared, and confused eyes.

“I know, but you need to hold on. Please Geng, do it for me! Do it for all of us!” KyuHyun said quickly and hugged him. He could feel the tears in his eyes, and felt how sad and cold he got. Not cold in a bad way, but his hands and body felt cold.

“I… I’ll try to keep it, okay?” HanGeng said and looked at him with a sorry look. KyuHyun was on the limit to break down, but he didn’t. He couldn’t be the weak person, even though he wanted to right now.

“It’s okay if you want to cry.” HanGeng whispered, but was cut off by KyuHyun.

“I really want you to stay.” He said and hugged him tightly to him.

“I will then.” HanGeng promised, and kissed KyuHyun’s hair.

“Thanks!” KyuHyun quickly said and kissed him deeply and for a really long time. HanGeng noticed that in the kiss, he felt something wet on his cheek. A tear from KyuHyun, but it was only that one.

They held each other the whole night, and they didn’t let go of each other the following day. KyuHyun couldn’t let go of him. He never wanted to.

In the School Yard Chapter 48

Title: In the School Yard
Pairing: Yesung / EunHyuk. DongHae / SungMin. Siwon / HeeChul. Past!HanGeng / HeeChul. KangIn / LeeTeuk. HanGeng / KyuHyun. Broken!Kibum / RyeoWook. Jung Woo (Trax) / Yesung. Henry / RyeoWook. Jung Woo / Yesung / EunHyuk.
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Not really…

Summary: There are two groups in the school. The Beauty group and then the famous Boys group. They live in a hate to each other, and tries their best to make the life hard for the others. But does this hate continue forever?

Chapter 48:

School started again as usually. The new year had started, and now it was time for more school. More of the dancing, sweating, singing, acting, everything they now did.

HeeChul sat by Siwon, feeling his safe arms around him, while they were both panting of the exercise, the dancing. For HeeChul he felt like he was going to die. The teacher had really pushed them all to the limit.

“How does death feel?” HeeChul asked out to everyone in the room. Siwon laughed silently, and LeeTeuk answered him.

“No one of us knows, but I’m sure you’re not going to die.” He said and smiled, while still taking deep breaths.

“I’m sure that I’m going to, right now.” HeeChul answered, and “fainted” in Siwon’s arms, he was just acting, but he really felt like it, like fainting, dying, something. Siwon “woke” him up, and kissed him.

“Please Chullie, you’re not going to die.” He took a deep breath after saying that, and caressed HeeChul’s hair.

“But I can almost taste blood from my lungs.” HeeChul said and pulled Siwon’s arms better around him, and buried his face in his shoulder.

“I’m sure that you’re just over worked. It will be okay again. No more talk of dying. Okay?” Siwon said calmly. RyeoWook was sitting very still. Talking about death always made him think of his love. The love he never appreciated. Kibum was still in his heart, even though Henry was a really sweet guy, he couldn’t forget Kibum.

“Okay…” HeeChul answered. People started talking to each other right after his okay. Siwon kissed HeeChul and gave him a squeeze with his arms.

KangIn pulled LeeTeuk to him, and gave him a sweet kiss. LeeTeuk smiled, that was just what he needed after HeeChul’s dying scene.

Yesung sat on a chair, with EunHyuk on top of him, Yesung’s arms around EunHyuk, caressing his stomach.

HanGeng lay on the floor and with KyuHyun next to him, though he was sitting up. KyuHyun had a hand on HanGeng’s lap. Normally no one saw those two be lovingly with the others. A few times they had seen them kiss, but then they were drunk. When they cared about each other, was normally at home, without any looking at them. That is what KyuHyun liked best. Even though HanGeng would love to show their love to others, but KyuHyun didn’t agree to that. He was more hiding it.

DongHae sat on the floor, while SungMin was relaxing on his lap with his head, so that he was lying down.

Slowly people stopped their heavy breathing and panting. After their break, they had to get up again, and continue. They started doing some more exercises and then they started dancing for real.


They had lunch break, even though they were just about to eat, they were all called up to the office of the leader of the S.M.E. LeeTeuk knocked on the door, and they were greeted with a happy Lee Soo Man. They all bowed for him.

“I have heard how great you all are! Super Junior, yes, yes… I have heard about all the potential and I want to offer you all to come to SMEntertainment and finally be out for shows and be official. How does that sound hmm?” He smiled happy at them, and they suddenly understood what he had said. Everyone started talking loud with each other, and LeeTeuk shook Lee Soo Man’s hand, and thanked him.

“Thank you, you’ll not be disappointed.” LeeTeuk smiled back at him, and Lee Soo Man nodded, and they both released their hands.

“Then I would like for you to move into the dorms. It will be hard, but after what I have heard, you deserve it.” Lee Soo Man answered, and clapped Siwon’s shoulder.

“Thank you.” Siwon said as his shoulder was touched. Lee Soo Man nodded again.

“You can all go now. Move into the dorms, as fast as you can, and then we will show you to the world.” Lee Soo Man smiled and they nodded, bowed and left.

When they were out of the office, they all broke down in yells and happy hugs. It was too overwhelming and everyone felt that this was the break point in their lives, and now they finally knew that they could turn into something.


Everyone started thinking about packing and moving. Some of them had to get rid of their house/apartments. Siwon thought that it might be good if he kept his house, so he decided to keep it, even though he lived in the dorms.

HeeChul was really quick to pack, now when he had so much to pack, but everything was really quickly down in bags and boxes.

They all decided to move in at the same time. They had got the 11 and 12th floor. So that would be a lot of going up and down in the elevator when they all moved in at the same time.

For some of the boys, there was some discussion in the family if they were allowed to go, but they couldn’t really do anything, because they were stubborn, and they were sure that there was nothing else to do. Either way they would get angry at their parents and hate them forever or they would run off. So there was nothing really left to do, so they decided to let them.


LeeTeuk sat in Siwon and HeeChul’s house, together with KangIn, and the two others.

“Well, I’ve thought about the thing with the dorms… I’m worried that we can’t get it around. That people will start fighting, and such.” LeeTeuk said. He knew that the others were good to talk to, so he gave it a shot.

“Of course there’ll be something there’s wrong in the start, but it will get better, when we get used to it.” Siwon said smiling. HeeChul nodded and KangIn smiled.

“There’ll always be something wrong, and people can either fight about it, or talk about it. And we have all, always been good to talk about it.” KangIn said. HeeChul didn’t really know what to say, because the others sounded so clever, and he knew that he couldn’t be.

Though, suddenly all three of them looked at him to get his answer. He had been far away in his thoughts, so he hadn’t heard the change of subject.

“Chullie, love? Are you alright?” Siwon asked with a little worried mind. HeeChul shook the thoughts out of his head.

“I’m sorry, I just fell asleep I think.” HeeChul said and the others laughed.

“We could see that.” KangIn said smiling. Siwon caressed HeeChul’s back, and HeeChul enjoyed it.

“What were you talking about?” HeeChul asked after a little time of silence.

“Uhm… What you would like to have for dinner?” Siwon asked, with a grin, because it sounded stupid after the long time in silence, and that he had just “awaken”.

“I’m sure that we can figure something out… Some delicious pan fried rice, and something, something with it.” HeeChul said smiling. Knowing that Siwon would make anything he ordered. HeeChul leaned up against Siwon, and whispered something. Siwon’s worried mind disappeared and he smiled. HeeChul smirked of his expressions change.

“I don’t want to know about that.” LeeTeuk said with a smile, and looked at the two others, who was sitting and smiling like they had a secret, as they also had.

“No you don’t…” HeeChul just said, and then the discussion was over. After a little while LeeTeuk and KangIn drove home, and leaving Siwon to his food job, and HeeChul later on for another job…


KyuHyun was sitting by the computer for a new game that he had just bought. HanGeng came home from doing some groceries and looked at KyuHyun by the computer.

“What are you playing?” He asked and smiled politely to him, even though he didn’t look at him. Sometimes HanGeng thought that KyuHyun wanted those games more than him, but that he also knew wasn’t true. After a little while KyuHyun answered him with an annoyed voice.

“I’m playing a new game…” KyuHyun said, and then he hit the table, before he turned off the game.

“I WAS playing a new game. I can’t get passed level 16!” KyuHyun said annoyed, looking like one that had been sitting and gaming for quite a long time.

“Come with me to the kitchen, and then I’ll make some food for you… Please don’t let that game get to you.” HanGeng said sweetly, before he pulled him into his arms for a hug. First KyuHyun was almost shaking because of the game, but then he started to relax. This way they actually did a lot, because HanGeng could always calm him down.

“Thanks.” KyuHyun said and started smiling, before HanGeng let him go. HanGeng smiled back at him, and they gave each other a kiss.

“Food?” HanGeng asked, and KyuHyun nodded. He could feel his stomach rumble, and thought that it perhaps was a good idea to get some food, before he went back to his game. KyuHyun sat down on one of the chairs, and then HanGeng started preparing food, for them to eat.

Suddenly, while HanGeng was cooking, KyuHyun walked behind him, and put his arms around him, and kissed his neck. He could just reach, when he was on his toes. HanGeng turned around, and they kissed once more. HanGeng surely enjoyed the attention from KyuHyun now while he was not at his computer.

“I love you…” KyuHyun said silently and HanGeng smiled happier than in a long time. He was almost always smiling, but when he heard something like that from KyuHyun. That was not often that happened.

“I love you too!” HanGeng answered, and smiled at him, before they kissed again.

In the School Yard Chapter 47

Title: In the School Yard

Pairing: Yesung / EunHyuk. DongHae / SungMin. Siwon / HeeChul. Past!HanGeng / HeeChul. KangIn / LeeTeuk. HanGeng / KyuHyun. Broken!Kibum / RyeoWook. Jung Woo (Trax) / Yesung. Henry / RyeoWook. Jung Woo / Yesung / EunHyuk.
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Half naked, hot person…

Summary: There are two groups in the school. The Beauty group and then the famous Boys group. They live in a hate to each other, and tries their best to make the life hard for the others. But does this hate continue forever?

Chapter 47:

The day before New Year’s Eve was here, and the boys were sitting and discussing whether they should go out, or stay home.

“Hey! What if we stayed home, threw a party, and invited the Gang? Well, we can try to get along with them, and they don’t seem so idiotic again… They saved us, so why not?” EunHyuk said smiling and Yesung, SungMin, DongHae and LeeTeuk nodded eagerly.

“What if they don’t want our company? And they perhaps only saved you just to look good themselves… Can we even trust those guys?” KangIn asked. He didn’t want to get involved with people who were not nice, even though it had been him, whom had been not nice to them, when he started the fight. But he couldn’t keep thinking of that for the rest of his life, and keep hating them for that.

“If they don’t want our company, they’ll just say no… Right?” HeeChul said and looked as he owned the place, and he sounded as someone who knew he was always right.

“That’s true…” SungMin stated, and smiled.

“So are we going to ask them or what?” EunHyuk quickly said, and before any of the others could say something against it, he pulled his phone out and called Jung Woo, who perhaps was together with them… He could only hope. After a little while, that he talked away about how he was, and how Jung Woo was, they finally came to what they should say. And Jung Woo agreed happily, and promised to bring the others to Siwon’s house, the following evening.


Siwon and HeeChul were sitting in their couch the morning after the small “meeting”. HeeChul leaned upon Siwon and with Siwon’s arm around him.

“You know… I really do hate our dance classes… And all the sweating… Don’t you think I can have, you know, something else I can do? Go around on stage and look cute?” HeeChul asked Siwon seriously. Siwon tried to hide a laugh, but it didn’t went quite as expected.

“Why are you laughing? You think I’m funny? Don’t you think I’m cute?” HeeChul said a bit pissed off. Siwon’s smiled disappeared. But then it came on his lips again, and pulled HeeChul close, because he had ripped himself a bit away from him.

“I think you’re cute in all times and moments. Though, I like that you don’t like sweating. Because that means you don’t like my rough sex with you.” Siwon teased. HeeChul smirked.

“You have a point!” HeeChul made a little laugh, which mostly sounded like a sneeze.

“Though, I would like to go around and look cute… Do you think that I can have permission to do that? You know, from the others and the school?” HeeChul looked at Siwon as if he was a question.

“As I said, you look cute at any time, but well, ask the others when they arrive…” Siwon kissed him passionately. HeeChul moved his hand down Siwon’s stomach and under his shirt so he touched his abs. They kissed deeper, and Siwon started pulling HeeChul closer, just when…

The doorbell rung.

They both sighed, and pulled away from each other, before they gave each other a quick and gentle kiss, and Siwon walked to the door, after checking his clothes, that it wasn’t all messed up, and opened.


There was no exception. ALL the other boys was standing out in front of the house, and smiled, as they was coming inside, and gave Siwon a huge hug. HeeChul had been standing in the living room, as the others walked in there and gave him hugs and kisses.

The boys started putting ornaments up and jollying around. DongHae was playing around with SungMin and EunHyuk, they were throwing ornament at each other, and small candy there was wrapped in different colored paper. LeeTeuk stopped SungMin and pulled him into his arms, so he couldn’t get away, all of them laughed and they almost fell down on the floor, because of the strength that SungMin fought back with. SungMin got out of the grip and ran towards DongHae, who put his arms around him.

“Aww… Is mommy evil to you?” DongHae mumbled to his sweetheart. SungMin nodded towards DongHae’s shoulder. LeeTeuk laughed and KangIn put an arm around LeeTeuk and gave his side a little squeeze.

“Let’s get this done so we can prepare some food.” HeeChul said, rolling his eyes at them. Though, when he turned around he smiled a little bit.

“Okay…” EunHyuk sighed and followed HeeChul to put some more ornaments up. Yesung had started to get a bit nervous about throwing this party with more than he was used to. Well, there would be the gang, so this would be really new for all of them.


The evening started really when the Gang came and joined them. Everyone was greeted as if they were long time friends, though Jung Woo gave EunHyuk and Yesung a great kiss. It seemed like they knew each other, and they had known each other for so long.

The talk was overwhelming and while they ate, they talked a lot, a few times even LeeTeuk talked with his mouth full of rice. Siwon had the best laugh he had had in a long time. The table was mixed a lot, so no one really sat together with their best friend or boyfriend.

When they were done with the food, and cleaned up all the mess they had made, they sat in the living room, and talked with each other. Now it was more cozy and enjoyable, because they could sit together with those they wanted. Not, that it wasn’t that before, but now that they were stuffed with food and drinks, they were able to sit down calmly and chat friendly.

When the alcohol came on the table, everyone took what they wanted. LeeTeuk couldn’t help but think that his own group of Junior’s soon would become alcoholics if they continued with doing this so often. But two seconds after, he didn’t care anymore. Everything was so happy and now there was a party going.


How Jung Woo ended up in bed with JaeJoong, no one had any idea about that. Jung Woo only remembered lying down in the couch and passed out. But how he ended up in this bed, with JaeJoong?? He couldn’t figure out. The most of the evening from the day before was one big blur.

JaeJoong was sitting in the kitchen, holding his head in his hands. He remembered doing something with Jung Woo, but he couldn’t remember if he just carried him inside the bedroom, or if he just laid down next to him. He wasn’t naked when he woke up, luckily! But he couldn’t figure out what had happened. Jung Woo was just about to get down, when Yesung stopped him in the corridor.

“Where were you last night?” Yesung asked him a bit worried. Jung Woo swallowed and looked down in the ground. Yesung’s mouth flew open and he looked at him with almost fear in his eyes.

“You didn’t!?” Yesung quickly said. Jung Woo shook his head, refusing.

“No, but I don’t really know how I ended up in that bed… Where were you?” Jung Woo quickly said. Feeling guilty about not being in the right bed.

“I can’t really remember anything.” Jung Woo mumbled.

“I was in the bedroom with EunHyuk. He’s still sleeping.” Yesung answered. Two seconds after he had said that, and Jung Woo was about to answer… Siwon came out from the bathroom, with only a towel on his lower half. Yesung and Jung Woo’s mouths were about to drop. His upper body was still a bit wet, and his hair made water trail down his back. For Yesung, he had never been that hot. He had abs there was more than just normal, there was muscles everywhere. With a soft and sweet look, Siwon closed Yesung’s mouth and walked by, as both of Yesung and Jung Woo’s eyes followed him.

“Wow… Damn! I want to be HeeChul…” Yesung mumbled, and Jung Woo laughed a bit, before he took Yesung’s hand, and walked with him to EunHyuk’s bedroom, or where he was lying in the bed.

“EunHyuk!” Yesung almost yelled and walked to EunHyuk’s side and lay down upon him.

“Yah?” EunHyuk mumbled, and tried to get him off him. Yesung kissed him and Jung Woo lay down beside them, and smiled.

“Have you seen Siwon without any shirt?” Yesung asked him seriously and almost desperately.

“Noo… I don’t think I have…” EunHyuk mumbled. He actually didn’t really care. He turned his head and looked a bit smiling at Jung Woo.

“Hi…” EunHyuk said smiling. They also kissed and EunHyuk smiled a bit more. Yesung laid his head on EunHyuk’s chest. Moving his hands up and down EunHyuk’s stomach.

“He’s really hot you know…” Yesung teased. EunHyuk laughed a bit.

“Hotter than me and Jung Woo?” EunHyuk asked and Yesung laughed too.

“No, of course not!” Yesung quickly said.

“Good, then I don’t care how Siwon looks. Though I know that HeeChul values him pretty high.” EunHyuk said smiling.

“God, I would too!!” Yesung laughed, and hugged EunHyuk, then kissing his cheek.

“I love you two…” Yesung aid smiling and pulled Jung Woo into a hug together with him and EunHyuk.

In the School Yard Chapter 46

Title: In the School Yard
Pairing: Yesung / EunHyuk. DongHae / SungMin. Siwon / HeeChul. Past!HanGeng / HeeChul. KangIn / LeeTeuk. HanGeng / KyuHyun. Broken!Kibum / RyeoWook. Jung Woo (Trax) / Yesung. Henry / RyeoWook. Jung Woo / Yesung / EunHyuk.
Rating: R
Warning(s): Violence – Creepy persons… XD

Summary: There are two groups in the school. The Beauty group and then the famous Boys group. They live in a hate to each other, and tries their best to make the life hard for the others. But does this hate continue forever?

Chapter 46:

The snow was falling and the Christmas Eve was over. The presents had been bought, and exchanged, so now the Christmas was done. Now they should just figure out what to do on the New Years Eve and night. Should they go out for a party or party at home by themselves? They didn’t decide yet…

“Get your lazy ass out here!” SungMin yelled to DongHae whom were still in bed. DongHae smiled and turned on the other side, before he felt something lay down on top of him.

“Hey love.” DongHae muttered and SungMin smiled, though he really wanted DongHae up.

“Don’t you want to get up?” SungMin asked and smiled big before he kissed his love.

“No?” DongHae laughed and tried to sit up, but something was lying on him.

“You have to. My mother and father are on their way home.” SungMin laughed and knew he could tease him with that. DongHae made big eyes and flew up and was almost in his clothes before he was out of the room, to get to the bathroom. He thought that he couldn’t reach to take a shower, and fast brushed his teeth and comb his hair. SungMin greeted his parents when they got home, and DongHae followed him into the living room together with the parents.


Siwon smiled at HeeChul as he woke up. HeeChul had been looking at Siwon for a while now, not knowing what to do or say, and too fresh to sleep more, but too tired to get up. After all it was holiday. Siwon kissed him, and was about to get up, when HeeChul pulled him back down in the bed. He kissed him passionately and gave him a hug.

“I want to stay in bed, won’t you stay here with me?” HeeChul begged and smiled a bit, before he kissed him again.

“Whatever you want.” Siwon answered smiling and kissed him lovingly. They turned around in bed so Siwon lay on him, and kissed him. Siwon kissed him down the neck and HeeChul moved himself a bit, so Siwon’s muscular body could lie on his. Siwon held himself up with one arm, and the other’s hand was stroking HeeChul’s side and sometimes also caressing his hair. HeeChul’s hands were all over Siwon’s body and their naked torso’s became very hot and sweaty very quickly.


LeeTeuk had invited the old Beauties to a little shop trip. So Yesung and Jung Woo were home alone, and Siwon visited KangIn. So DongHae had also gone for LeeTeuk and KangIn’s home, just to have something else to do, than sit in SungMin’s room and avoid his parents. So he decided to go for a little bus trip, and visit KangIn, like Siwon did, though Siwon was driving himself. So HeeChul also could be there.

LeeTeuk had his boys with him. SungMin had taken the bus earlier than DongHae, and had actually thought that it would be better for both him and DongHae to go by the same, but he didn’t know that DongHae would visit KangIn.

The old Beauties had gone out for the shopping and they would first be home about after dinner time. So the Famous boys had lots of time to be themselves.


LeeTeuk and HeeChul walked arm in arm together down the street, they had been driving to a place where there were a lot of shops. SungMin and EunHyuk were carrying bags. HeeChul and LeeTeuk hadn’t found anything yet, but they had not been out for so long. HeeChul was totally overexcited. He loved shopping, and especially with his boys. They walked into shop, after shop, and bought what they wanted.

The day turned to night, and the famous boys didn’t get where they were. They should have been here for hours ago. They got worried, but when Siwon called HeeChul, he didn’t pick up his phone.

From before:

The night was coming in on the boys in the city, and they decided to go for some dinner, and they ate on a really fine restaurant. When they had done that, they continued out to do some partying, to get drunk, now they finally were out in the city, they would enjoy it. They would go to a bar and they ordered some drinks, and Soju.

When they had had a few drinks, or actually too many… They decided that they would go home. They had been talking with some people, here and there, and everyone was really nice, but when they decided to go, a guy held HeeChul back, and tried to kiss him.

“Hey!!” HeeChul yelled, at the guy and the others turned around. In two swift moves, HeeChul had gotten the man down on the floor, and with nosebleed. That he shouldn’t have done, even though he was proud over himself and what he had done, but when they were on their way of running out of the bar, some of the guy’s friends stopped them, right outside. Because they obviously knew that they couldn’t fight inside the bar, and they could see that these were fagots.

“Now, now… Look what we’ve got here. Fagots and a few of them even.” One of the rather big and disgusting men said.

“Leave them…” A cold voice said in the distance. HeeChul, SungMin, EunHyuk and LeeTeuk had actually been afraid for a few seconds. There were about 8 men, and they were 4 and not so good at fighting. SungMin could some moves, but that wouldn’t save all of them, and this wasn’t a movie, thought their life’s sometimes just sounded as an easy story.

They looked in the direction were they heard the voice and saw all from the Gang. Even Jung Woo was there. The men looked at them and laughed.

“More fagots!” One of them laughed.

“Who are you calling a fagot?” Yunho said quickly and got up close with the man. JaeJoong came to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Piss off and leave our friends alone.” Jay Kim said, in a kindly, but annoyed way.

“Oh… YOUR friends!! Well then it’s totally okay!” One of the men said very sarcastic. One of the men, the one with the nosebleed, pulled HeeChul to him, and had HeeChul’s back, pressed against his front, so HeeChul could feel something hardening against him, which really got him to almost panic.

“Yes, my friends… So leave them!” Jay Kim seemed to get a bit more annoyed now. HeeChul tried to get out of the grip from the man, but it didn’t seem so good, he was stronger.

“Let go of me!!” HeeChul screamed, and then there were going like two seconds, and everything was a mess. HeeChul, LeeTeuk, SungMin and EunHyuk didn’t really see what happened, it just did, but HeeChul knew that the man had loosened his grip, after a few seconds, and that he now was pressed towards LeeTeuk, in bare fear of getting into the arms of that disgusting man again.

Suddenly all the men just lay on the ground. Some with blood on them, some who was fainted, and a single one whom just had thrown himself down in fear from what would happen to him, but the Gang was just standing like nothing had happened. Min Woo turned on a cigarette, and smiled.

“Well, what are you doing out now? Without your boyfriends?” Jay Kim asked them, and pulled them with him, so they didn’t stand there and looking at the men on the ground.

“Uhm… We would just want a night out, and we didn’t expect this…” LeeTeuk answered.

“But thanks. If you haven’t showed up, I really don’t know what we should have done…” EunHyuk quickly said. Jung Woo hugged him and they gave each other a briefly kiss. JaeJoong looked at them with a raised eyebrow.

“You’re welcome. Try not to do it again…” Jay Kim answered. They smiled, and nodded. HeeChul pulled his cellphone out and looked that there was 3 missing calls from Siwon, and a text, that said:
“Please call me!! I’m worried. Siwon.”

“Are we going home now?” HeeChul asked a bit concerned. The others nodded.

“Okay…” He just said and they walked further.

“We’ll drive you, you’re too drunk to drive yourself.” Yunho said, and they could see that he was amused.

“Okay, that’s fine…” LeeTeuk said. They arrived to a car parking, and there were 3 cars so there were actually room enough. They hadn’t been that many when they were all going, but they had been meeting there and some of them had gathered and come in different cars, so there were 3 now.

They drove home to LeeTeuk and KangIn’s house. The Gang got the drunken and terrified boys inside, and Siwon was directly at the door. Though, when he saw the Gang members, he stopped up.

“What have happened?” Siwon asked quickly, since they were there, he didn’t really get it. He pulled HeeChul to him, and HeeChul told it to him. The other boys were also out by the door, and heard the story.

“Oh my sweet little love! How could he do that to you!” Siwon was really furious by the story, but on the other side, he really didn’t like that someone had touched and tried to kiss his beloved HeeChul.

“I’m okay…” HeeChul smiled a bit and gave Siwon a hug.

“Come in!” LeeTeuk quickly said to the Gang, and they looked at each other, pulled their shoulders, and walked inside with them. Some of the guys had taken their bags, and placed it in the doorway.

“Thanks.” Jay Kim said as they walked inside to the living room. They were quite impressed by how big the apartment was.

“Thanks for saving us. Really… Thanks!” LeeTeuk was really sweet and smiled to them, while he thanked them.

“No problem…” JaeJoong said and smiled.

“What did you actually do with them?” SungMin asked as he hugged his DongHae.

“Kicked their asses…” Yunho laughed, and smiled at them.

“Well, thanks for that.” SungMin said and laughed a little.

“You’re welcome.” Yunho answered and sat down on a chair.

“Sorry, but we need to head back home, but we hope to see you all soon again… Well, we’ll at least see you in school.” Jay Kim said and smiled, before they all bid their goodbyes, and they drove home.

The Bling-Bling

Title: The Bling-Bling
Pairing: Siwon / HeeChul
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Not really… ^^
A/N: To my lovely Bling-Chullie for her birthday. ^^

Siwon was sitting and waiting with a smile on his face. He was waiting patiently and knew that he would be home any minute now. He had been working with his schedules, and now he was waiting for his love to come home. The clouds were getting darker, and the evening was coming in on their home. Siwon sat in the couch and waited, waited and waited. Different people from the Super Junior group came around, sitting and talking. Siwon didn’t talk, he was just sitting and waiting. LeeTeuk, their handsome leader sat down beside him and put an arm around his shoulders. He talked to him. What he said, Siwon wasn’t sure of. All he knew was that he was waiting.

LeeTeuk disappeared and Siwon didn’t notice it. He was replaced with another, and Siwon didn’t notice him either. He knew that he only would wake up by the sound of his love. He could only think of him. DongHae’s voice tried to get through, but it was like Siwon had closed down from everything. DongHae gave up, and walked to the kitchen.

Siwon felt like he was asleep, like he dreamt.

Chullie came home. He was dressed differently. Like one who listened to HipHop and danced, with Bling-Bling all over. Rings of gold, necklaces, bracelets, shoes with gold and lights, loose pants and a too large t-shirt, and also a cap.

In Siwon’s mind he looked good, though he liked the old Chullie best. HeeChul came to Siwon on the couch, and kissed him. A dreamy kiss, as he couldn’t resist. It was more than wonderful. It was lovely. That kiss was more than powerful, and passionately, it was love. Directly and unforgettable love. Siwon wanted it to become more, more more and more. This love was not to resist. It was pure. Love was unexplainable, but this was just the best of all.

Siwon felt a chill, when he felt that his shirt was taken off. He could feel the cold air from the air-condition that was turned on. Kisses on his collarbone, and the feeling of a hand running through his hair. It was weird to feel this, because he knew it couldn’t be true. Such a good feeling, was unbelievable.

He could feel something cold against his chest. The necklaces were close to his chest, and the coldness made him shiver, but also from the kiss that Chullie gave him. Siwon could feel Chullie’s lips crash on his. It felt perfect. Simply just perfect.

Siwon knew this was too good, but he couldn’t stop loving it. Some music started. It was weird, but it was nice. The music was slow, but comfortable. He wanted to dance, but the kissing was not interrupted yet, and he didn’t want to stop it. Somehow he felt like moving to the floor, and it was like he was floating in the air, and his moves were so natural and easy. Chullie kissed him on his neck, while dancing. He was not as tall as Siwon, but he could dance with him without problems.

The feeling while dancing was incredible. The smooth moves and lingering feeling. He couldn’t have chosen a better man. He made him fly, high, away from everything.

Siwon felt him being pushed down in the couch again. It was a good feeling, to sit down again, even though he hadn’t felt the strength of standing up. It was like it never happened, but in his mind, it was so clear, that it had happened. He was so sure of it. The music got louder, and Siwon got confused. It almost felt like the way he thought drugs would be like, but Chullie was also his drug - his need.

Someone spoke, far away there was someone saying something. What he couldn’t hear. Chullie said something to him, it sounded like a “Bye”. His bling-bling was shinning in the light, and suddenly he just walked away. Siwon wanted to follow him, and he didn’t want to say bye, even though it would just be for now. He couldn’t resist the shining in the light, his gold there was giving the light life.

Now there was more than one voice, but who Siwon couldn’t tell. He felt something, someone, embrace him. Was Chullie back? He didn’t feel as dreamy this time, more roughly. It was not the feeling of politeness and softness. Siwon felt that he was being heavy again.

Siwon opened up his eyes, and felt that everything was real. The dreamy feeling he had had was obviously just… A dream. He found HeeChul by his side smiling at him. It was really unreal, because the feeling was so different.

“You were sleeping, but I wanted to wake you up.” HeeChul said and smiled at him, before giving him a loving kiss. Some of the others were sitting in the room, and talked. HeeChul took Siwon’s hand and gave him another kiss.

“What? I have just been waiting.” Siwon said and HeeChul laughed. He just had the sweetest boyfriend in the whole world. What should he do without him.

“You have been sleeping, the others told me, and I just arrived home when I woke you up. You know you’re very cute when you sleep right?” HeeChul asked and smiled more now. He usually didn’t say stuff like that, so Siwon got really touched by what he said, and blushed, as another thing Siwon usually didn’t do. He gave Siwon a long kiss, and smiled to him afterwards.

“I dreamt about you.” Siwon said still blushing. HeeChul sat up on his lap and kissed his neck. Siwon smiled and enjoyed it, pulling him closer and putting his arms around him.

“What do you dream about me? Were I hot?” HeeChul smirked and kissed him. Siwon smiled and gave a little laugh.

“You’re always hot!” Siwon teased and laughed.

“Thanks.” HeeChul answered and stood up from Siwon’s lap, and pulled him with him. They walked to HeeChul’s bedroom. LeeTeuk wanted to stop them because they should have food, but DongHae put a hand on his shoulder, and stopped him.

In the School Yard Chapter 45

Title: In the School Yard
Pairing: Yesung / EunHyuk. DongHae / SungMin. Siwon / HeeChul. Past!HanGeng / HeeChul. KangIn / LeeTeuk. HanGeng / KyuHyun. Broken!Kibum / RyeoWook. Jung Woo (Trax) / Yesung. Henry / RyeoWook. Jung Woo / Yesung / EunHyuk.
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Happiness :D

Summary: There are two groups in the school. The Beauty group and then the famous Boys group. They live in a hate to each other, and tries their best to make the life hard for the others. But does this hate continue forever?

Chapter 45:

The Christmas was just around the corner, and the guys had gotten a Christmas tree inside, were they of course had decorated it. They were all in the greatest mood, even KyuHyun and HeeChul was in for it. It was going to be the greatest Christmas in the world!

”What? Where did we put the gifts?” HanGeng asked and looked confused, when Siwon asked for them. Everyone knew that the old Beauties couldn’t hold back with opening their presents, if they were in close to them. So HanGeng and KyuHyun had accepted all the gifts, to hold them, till now, when it was Christmas. KyuHyun and HanGeng could do fine without looking at them. Though there had been a hell of a lot.

“What? Have you forgotten the presents?” Siwon asked, and looked more confused than HanGeng had looked, though HanGeng started smiling, and showed that he had tricked him.

“HanGeng!” Siwon laughed and walked with him out to the car, where all the presents were stuffed in. They had borrowed Siwon’s car, so they could have all of the presents with them.

“I think they are all there. We looked for ages, to see if there was anyone missing, so we don’t think so. But next time, I want a list!” KyuHyun said when he came out from the house and looked at them, from the door.

“Good, so, put your shoes on and get here and help get them inside!” Siwon said with a smile. KyuHyun sighed, but he went inside again, and pulled his shoes on, and walked outside to help the “Helpless small children”, as he had just called them inside his head.

“Okay, you two takes all the big presents, and then I’ll take the small once.” KyuHyun said, and they all agreed. The old Beauties was standing in the living room, and waiting impatiently to see the presents.

When they were done getting all the presents in the living room, they had some hard work of getting the Beauties out of the room. HanGeng had to carry SungMin out, mostly because he wanted to be carried, and look at the presents, with his hands.

“Henry! Where are you!?” RyeoWook yelled in the house, everything seemed like chaos. People all over the place. It could be that it was a big house, but for 14 people, it was not really so big again. When Siwon and HeeChul was home alone, they were getting lost all the time, but with everyone in the house, as there has been the last couple of days, if not more, then it was not so big after all.

“In the kitchen!” Henry yelled back and smiled. He was working with ShinDong on some delicious food that they should have tonight. HanGeng also helped out when he could, and shouldn’t capture the childish SungMin, who had found out how funny it was to play a game with HanGeng, meaning that he would run towards the living room, and see how fast a HanGeng could catch him.

RyeoWook came out in the kitchen and smiled. Everyone had something to do, or was just relaxing. RyeoWook had just arrived, with another bunch of presents. They had all agreed to give everyone presents, so here he was, with all of his, to all of the others. He had also brought Henry’s gifts, so there was a lot to see. They had talked to their parents – well, those who still was seeing theirs – that they wasn’t home for Christmas, but they would exchange gifts later. HanGeng had not really held Christmas like this before, so he was really curious about it all. He had gone presents-shopping with Siwon, Yesung, DongHae and KangIn, in another time they had been out, and everyone had had their small trips, where they had shopped.

Siwon and HeeChul had also been out, and Siwon had to say, that if he hadn’t hold HeeChul’s wallet, then there would have been a lot more than just gifts there. Of course it was the whole point in that Siwon kept his wallet, so if he found a gift, he could buy it, and if it was for himself, he couldn’t have it. Siwon thought it was a good idea. HeeChul didn’t.


KyuHyun had been out with Henry, they had not really talked, but they thought that they wanted to go with someone, and no one else would be suitable, because they also had to find presents, to their beloved, and they couldn’t really go out with their boyfriends, and find something to them, there. Even though KyuHyun was a hard one to break, he needed to confess that Henry was a sweet person, and that he was a “well” replacement for Kibum, though he missed Kibum, like all the others.

All of them had also agreed that after Christmas, they would visit Kibum’s grave, and put some beautiful flowers on his grave.

Even though Henry and KyuHyun was out together, they still bought the other ones present, because they didn’t really know each other, so they got the other person, what they wanted, not their best wish, but something they would like from a not so well known friend.

They had a really good time, and went out for coffee at the same time. It was cold, so they needed something to clear the cold with, so they could be a bit hot inside.

Everyone was out with each other, totally crossed over what they normally were out with.


The house was filled with light, and it was already dark outside. All of the boys had started to begin to be excited. This would be good, better, great!

“We should take a photo! Anyone who has a camera?” SungMin said, after the 100 time he had run towards the living room, and was captured by HanGeng. Slowly HanGeng didn’t think the game was so funny anymore.

“I have!” Siwon said, and fetched his camera, from the upstairs room, more like an office. They all gathered in the living room, in front of the tree. Luckily Siwon, both had a rack to it, and it was a really good one of the kind. They all smiled when the self releaser was pushed, and the picture was taken.


They sat down to eat, and it was really delicious. They all thanked ShinDong, Henry and HanGeng for this lovely food, and they praised them to the skies.

“Cheers!” Yesung said smiling and everyone followed his advice, with lifting their glass.

“CHEERS!” Everyone said on the same time. Everything felt so right, right now. And it would last, they hoped. They had been through so much bad and now it was time for the good only.

“Thanks for being here.” Siwon said with a smile, a bigger one than he used to have, even though that would seem impossible.

“It’s lovely to be here.” Jung Woo said and smiled. More of them agreed and all smiled. They ate again, and small talked with their opposite person or the person next to.

When they were finished with the food, they cleaned up, and sat into the living room. They had some candy and snacks on the table, and soon all the paper from the presents that they had been wrapped in, was spread all over the floor. They hadn’t been so happy since they had gotten into the art school, and this was the best time ever. Everyone was smiling, happy, and cheerful. And they didn’t even have to drink tonight, because this was a intoxicating enough. It was amazing.


They all left for bed late at night. Really they didn’t want to, but they needed to. Everyone was satisfied with their presents, and they were all just so happy, that they felt like they had never been before.

“Thanks for your present.” HeeChul mumbled to Siwon, kissed him, and was in dreamland the next second. Siwon smiled for himself, and knew that he was there when he woke up, so he let himself sleep.

Yesung, Jung Woo, and EunHyuk could share a bed in one of the spare rooms, and LeeTeuk and KangIn also got one. HanGeng and KyuHyun slept in the living room, on the couches. ShinDong had taken a mattress and slept on that in the office. Henry and RyeoWook had a bloated mattress and DongHae and SungMin was also in one of the guestrooms.

They all slept to late in the morning, more over to afternoon though. The first to get up was LeeTeuk, he was sure that there was something wrong, but KangIn got him down, and comforted him.

They got up, and HanGeng and KyuHyun woke up by the noise they made in the kitchen. Soon after they were all up, and ready to eat some lunch. They greeted each other with a smile. There was nothing else better, than having everyone there.

In the School Yard Chapter 44

Title: In the School Yard
Pairing: Yesung / EunHyuk. DongHae / SungMin. Siwon / HeeChul. Past!HanGeng / HeeChul. KangIn / LeeTeuk. HanGeng / KyuHyun. Broken!Kibum / RyeoWook. Jung Woo (Trax) / Yesung. Henry / RyeoWook. Jung Woo / Yesung / EunHyuk.
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Too boring xD

Summary: There are two groups in the school. The Beauty group and then the famous Boys group. They live in a hate to each other, and tries their best to make the life hard for the others. But does this hate continue forever?

Chapter 44:

The weather was terrible outside, it was cold, and the rain was pouring. HeeChul hated that freaking weather like nothing else in the world. Even snow was better than that hateful rain. Though he had found a way to enjoy this weather, by making him a bath with bobbles in the tub. When he sat down in the bath, the warmth from the water made his body totally relaxed. He smiled for himself, and took his rubber duck, which actually was a cat. It looked a bit like HanHeeBum, his cat, though it had some other drawings on its fur.

He put the rubber cat into the tub, and made a little game out of playing with it. Putting it under water, letting go of it, and see how high it would pop up from the water. When that wasn’t funny anymore, he just lay in the water and looked at the rubber cat, before he put it aside, and thought about getting up, though it didn’t got to be right now.

“Chullie?” Siwon yelled from the entrance of the door way. HeeChul could hear his steps, going up the stairs, and perhaps looking into the bedroom.

“Chullie?” He yelled again, and HeeChul didn’t want to yell, but he answered him.

“In the bath!” He said and figured that Siwon had heard, since he could hear his steps, moving closer to the bathroom. Siwon knocked on the door, and opened it.

“Hello. I would just say I’m home now.” Siwon said with a smile. His hair was all wet, and his pants were wet as well. His shirt wasn’t because he had had his jacket on, so the jacket was wet instead of his shirt.

“Okay, Hi. Come and kiss me.” HeeChul said, and smiled. Siwon did with happiness, and HeeChul smiled more after the kiss.

“I was thinking about cooking something nice. What do you want?” Siwon asked and with his perfect smile, he kissed HeeChul again.

“I eat whatever you want to make.” HeeChul said smiling, and Siwon made a move with his head, as he laughed.

“Good, then I’ll just make something.” Siwon said and kissed him again, before he walked out. HeeChul enjoyed a few more minutes of peace in the water, before he got up and put a bathrobe on. He walked down to Siwon, who was fully going with the food. HeeChul stood in the doorway and looked at him, considered how lucky he was to have this man in his life.


LeeTeuk looked out at the weather outside. KangIn wasn’t home yet. Siwon, KangIn, Yesung and DongHae had all met together, just to have a little man to man talk. Because the old Beauties were always there, so they wanted to do something together. Just the old Boys by themselves.
LeeTeuk could see car lights from his and KangIn’s car, and got up from his seat by the window. He almost ran towards the door, and expected to see KangIn any minute. He could hear the car stop and the car door open and close. KangIn opened the door after just a few minutes, so few that he had had to run up the stairs, to their apartment. LeeTeuk almost attacked him with a hug, and a kiss.
KangIn got a bit surprised, though he quickly kissed him back.

“Wauw. Why are you standing here? Were you waiting for me?” KangIn asked smiling and LeeTeuk nodded, when KangIn took off his coat, and hung it up on the coat rack.

“Yes, I was. I missed you.” LeeTeuk said and blushed.

“You’re sweet. I love you.” KangIn kissed him again, and took his hand, before they walked into the living room, and sat down for a bit of time, before they made some food.


SungMin was started to make some food. Though DongHae and he didn’t live together, they were always at one or the others house. They had talked about moving in together, but they had no money to move.
DongHae wrote to SungMin that he was on his way home, so he could make food. Not that he claimed that he should do that, but he wrote that he was on his way home.

“Hi love!” SungMin said with a big smile, and gave him a sweet kiss when he entered SungMin’s house, and gave SungMin a hug after the kiss. He was just as wet as Siwon and KangIn had been, if not more, because he had to walk all the way from the bus stop, and to the house.

“Hi! How are you?” DongHae asked and sat on the chair by the dining table.

“I’m good, you?” SungMin asked and returned to cook the food.

“I’m fine.” DongHae answered and stood up, before he walked towards SungMin and put his arms around his thin body. He kissed his neck and SungMin smiled. It gave him chills in his whole body.

“Hae!” SungMin giggled and tried to cook the food, but DongHae kept kissing his neck and with his hands he stroked his stomach with loving slow strokes. SungMin couldn’t do anything else than moan.

“Not now…” SungMin whispered, though DongHae didn’t want to stop.

“Are you sure?” DongHae asked teasingly, and SungMin turned around in his arms.

“No, not really.” SungMin said with a little smirk, and turned off the heat on the food, and lead him into the bedroom.


Yesung arrived home to Jung Woo where EunHyuk also was. They both greeted him, though a bit more casual than the other three pairs. They were sitting and watching television, with an arm around each other. The time had done them well, and they had begun to like each other. Though not as much as Yesung, because he loved them both.

“Hi.” Yesung said, and the two of them turned their heads to look at him.

“Hi.” They both said together as one. Yesung looked a bit afraid of them, but only for fun of course.

“How was it?” Jung Woo asked and Yesung smiled after pulling on his shoulders.

“It was fine. Good.” Yesung answered. He went directly to the two in the couch, and sat down by EunHyuk.

“Should we go and have some food? I think we should go out. It could be nice.” EunHyuk said smiling, and Yesung and Jung Woo glared at each other, then pulled their shoulders, and quickly, they were all out the door, and into the car. The rain was still pouring outside.

KyuHyun lay on the couch when HanGeng came out from his shower. The evening had run by quickly and it was soon time to leave for bed. KyuHyun smiled to HanGeng when he sat down in the couch and put his feet up on his lap. They sat in silence for some time, and didn’t even really look at each other. KyuHyun pulled his feet back to him, and sat up on the HanGeng’s lap.

“Do you remember after the first time we had sex? You asked me if you were just something I used. Well, you still are, but I love you now.” KyuHyun said with a smile. HanGeng smiled, and he knew him so well, that he knew that it was a love declaration.

“Even though I’m just something you use, then I also love you.” HanGeng answered and they both smiled. HanGeng pulled KyuHyun down to him, and they kissed.

“Have I ever said that I love when you sing? That you are the greatest singer I’ve ever heard?” HanGeng asked after a few minutes of silence.

“I think you have mentioned it sometime, but thanks. Even though I think Yesung is a better singer than me. And RyeoWook, Siwon, LeeTeuk, you, EunHyuk, Henry… I can keep going…” KyuHyun said and smiled.

“No! No one of them sings as well as you! Okay, they sing good, but not as well as you do.” HanGeng said smiling and kissed him again, to keep him quiet.

“Thanks…” KyuHyun said after they broke the kiss, and smiled to him. He didn’t know what else to say. He put his arms around HanGeng and held him close, as he kissed him again.

“I love you…” KyuHyun whispered sweetly to HanGeng in his ear, and gave him a kiss more. They left for bed later, and didn’t sleep immediately.